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In a nutshell, IFTech is an expert in geothermal energy. As a former engineering firm, we leverage knowledge and expertise as our primary assets. We design, construct, and maintain geothermal power systems for professional clients, ensuring they receive precisely the sustainable comfort their buildings need. Rooted in the Belgian soil, our solutions perfectly align with the seasonal energy demand, forming an ideal match with our well-balanced solutions.

From source systems to technical spaces adorned with heat pumps and thermal networks; we provide the infrastructure and expertise necessary for a seamless integration. Our comprehensive packages, including maintenance and advanced monitoring, offer innovative, energy-efficient solutions spanning diverse sectors. In essence, we harmonize thermal comfort with financial prudence and sustainability, ensuring a future built on solid ground.

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Efficient in
every phase

At IFTech, we orchestrate the design, construction, maintenance, and monitoring of your geothermal energy center. Our expertise ensures that your investment is optimized for feasibility, compliancy, and long-term efficiency. In various ESCO projects, we contribute to the investment cost, providing energy-as-a-service—a testament to our commitment to excellence.

The soil as a reservoir

Our solutions capitalize on the seasonal climate fluctuations, storing excess heat and cold efficiently. The earth, with its ability to retain temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees for extended periods, becomes an ideal reservoir of thermal energy.

Technical spaces

Our geothermal energy installations, comprising the necessary infrastructure and technologies to convert stored energy into usable temperatures for your buildings, are installed in dedicated technical spaces. From these hubs, we facilitate the distribution of warmth or cooling throughout your facilities.

Custom prefabrication

We construct our geothermal energy centers with precision, utilizing tools like the Heat Pump Skid (HPS) in our own facility. This commitment to prefabrication ensures optimal assembly, accurate quality control and streamlined transportation, minimizing production costs and on-site construction time.

Thermal networks:
synchronized energy distribution

Geothermal efficiency hinges on balance. With thermal networks facilitating the exchange of usable heat and cold, our projects cater to diverse energy demands. Each building becomes a contributor or consumer of thermal energy, fostering a highly efficient network. Notable examples include Turnova (Turnhout) and Quartier Bleu (Hasselt), demonstrating collaborative energy sharing among residents and businesses.

and reliable

By thinking alongside you from the very beginning, we provide accurate and relevant data early on. We assess the possibilities at your location, conduct necessary studies, determine required permits, and initiate a customized Design and Build process. We provide clear insights into investment costs, practical requirements, and energy/maintenance costs early on. You quickly know exactly what to expect! IFTech started as an engineering firm, and that has its advantages.

Our long-term commitments

To ensure optimal functioning and the highest efficiency, IFTech closely monitors the operation of your geothermal power installation. This keeps you informed about delivered energy and achieved efficiency. In cases where installations require permits, we also provide the necessary data to the relevant authorities.


Rest assured, the upkeep of your geothermal power system, whether conducted remotely or on-site, is in capable hands with us. Our maintenance service is deeply familiar with all aspects of your system. Through optimal monitoring and preventive maintenance, we safeguard sustainability, avoid unforeseen costs and contribute to optimal comfort.

Thermal Response Test (TRT)

IFTech also conducts TRT tests allowing us to determine the thermal conductivity of a BEO loop, unique to each location based on the subsurface. This TRT test also measures the undisturbed soil temperature, also strongly dependent on your project location.

Focus on efficiency

By cleverly utilizing geothermal energy storage and the thermal properties of a subsurface, we achieve not only the highest possible energy efficiency for our clients, but our geothermal installations also guarantee minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our expertise is always dedicated to maximizing efficiency.

A profitable

IFTech fits perfectly into a DBFMO or ESCO model, where we can even relieve the customer by making the initial investment cost manageable. No unforeseen costs, no unpleasant surprises!
On the other hand, there's of course the nice return effect for those who do invest in these sustainable technologies. Moreover: the energy cost savings offset the investment costs relatively quickly.

Teamwork is our foundation

Collaboration and shared expertise at IFTech amplify individual accomplishments. Our collective successes are greater, fostering a culture of mutual satisfaction.

Balancing creativity
and pragmatism

IFTech values a balance between creativity and pragmatism. Our solutions arise from a blend of innovation, courage, and meticulous attention to detail.

Growth and

At IFTech, growth is a collective endeavor. We provide extensive training opportunities for individual development within our open work culture. Joining IFTech offers a chance to contribute to projects with tangible impact, becoming an integral part of the ongoing energy transition.

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