Project developer Heeren Group developed a new vibrant community named Turnova right in the city centre of Turnhout (B).

IFTech provided the geothermal installation with:

  • Realized savings: 1,000 tons CO2/year = equivalent of 200 family homes

  • Heating capacity: 2.1 MW

  • Cooling capacity: 2.35 MW

  • Number of wells: 6


Year: 2019

Stad Hasselt.png

The city of Hasselt (B) built a new city hall in 2018. The durability of this new building is very high because the city holds this in high regard. They even obtained the BREEAM excellent certificate for this project.

IFTech provided the geothermal installation with:

  • Realized savings: 120 tons CO2/year

  • Heating capacity: 650 kW

  • Cooling capacity: 600 kW

  • Number of wells: 2


Year: 2018

Corda Campus.jpg

The Corda Campus in Hasselt (B) is expanding fast. The new buildings, Corda 2 & 3 can house about 20 companies.

IFTech provided the geothermal installation.

Year: 2018


Our partner Van Roey had some high demands for its own new office building. These were all met because the new building is almost entirely energy neutral thanks to our installation.

IFTech provided the geothermal installation:

  • Realized savings: 20 tons CO2/year

  • Heating capacity: 100 kW

  • Cooling capacity: 160 kW

  • Number of wells: 2

  • Energy costs for heating and cooling: <€1/m² a year


Year: 2014


The public centre for social welfare in Hoogstraten (B) built a new residential care centre. The building has 154 single rooms, 150 of which are for permanent residents. To make the indoor climate as optimal as possible, they opted for a geothermal installation.

IFTech provided the geothermal installation with:

  • Realized savings: 190 tons CO2/year = equivalent of 40 family homes

  • Heating capacity: 214 kW

  • Cooling capacity: 525 kW


Year: 2012


The new South Wing of the National Maritime Museum is heated and cooled by an aquifer system.

IFTech provided an aquifer system (with heat pump):

  • Heating capacity: 300 kW

  • Cooling capacity: 350 kW


Year: 2011